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The SMH team technical facilities for Microelectronics Conception and Test are mainly located in the Solid-state electronics, systems and photonics department (D-ESSP), on the Campus of Cronenbourg.


Over the years, the SMH team has acquired an appropriate amount of high-end development and test equipment. Together with standard electronics lab tools, our dedicated hardware and software equipment form a full array of conception and testing sets dedicated to the various research projects we are involved in. Solid expertise and specific test benches have been developed in order to allow thorough characterization of elementary devices (transistors, transducers, etc.) and integrated circuits. In particular, they feature specific equipment such as:

  • A wafer probe station (Karl Suss PM5)
  • A precision semiconductor parameter analyzer (Agilent 4156C)
  • An 8½ digit digital multimeter (Agilent 3458A)
  • A data acquisition / data logger switch unit (Agilent 34970A)
  • An FFT dynamic signal analyzer (Agilent 35670A)
  • A high-speed video camera (Optronis CR600x2)
  • A nanotesla-accuracy Helmholtz coil (engineered by the CNRS)
  • A femtosecond-pulse laser source (Spectra-Physics Tsunami)
  • A temperature chamber (Espec)
  • A quality stereo inspection microscope (Lynx Vision Engineering)
  • High computing-capacity work stations (up to 20-CPU core and 48Go RAM) dwelling Linux and Windows virtual machines.

Click here for a more detailed list of our equipment.